How Document Scanning is done?

book document scanning

Get high quality and affordable document scanning services at M/s. Reckon Concern, as we are willing to take your entire burden and provide you easily accessible and hassle free storage of information.

How scanning can help?

Scanning is always going to help you in getting quick access to all of your important documents whenever you want e.g. receipt, medical bills, legal documents, account related documents etc.

Let’s go through some of the key advantages

Conserve Storage Space and Time

Document scanning is a very cost-effective process. As your organization grows, the paper work also increases. This makes storing or managing your paper records very expensive and cumbersome process.  Then, you have to buy new file cabinets for storing documents and need extra manpower for managing such type of tasks.  You also need to spend extra time and money for managing the pile of files and documents.

Document scanning process will help you in reducing the overhead expenses and timely records retrieval. It will reduce your storage costs and increase your work efficiency. It will also help in keeping your information more safe and secure.


Information Sharing

Paper based system is very much time consuming and inefficient. But, once you have scanned all of your documents then it can be used for multiple purposes by multiple employees at the same time without any extra wastage of time and energy.

Scanning your documents will help you in reducing your load of maintaining the file cabinets and searching your files for multiple times for various purposes.  This will also make it easier to read and share them online with any one you want at anytime. You can quickly access any of your crucial documents whenever you need them.

Disaster Recovery

Natural calamity can destroy your hard work of years in a seconds by destroying all of your paper work without possibility of recovery and because of this you may also face monetary / non-monetary loss.

Many times it also happens that you misplace some documents containing some important information. There is also possibility of storage getting infected with bugs and destroying your physical documents.

In such cases, document scanning will not only provide you hassle free access to your documents but it will also save your information securely for years to come.

Information Security

Document scanning will not only help you in eliminating paperwork which means sensitive files / records are no longer left in the open and also provides you multiple benefits including sharing your confidential documents securely.

It will also help in maintaining your privacy, as you will be owner of that file and hence you will have full access to the information in it.

What We Scan?

  • HR Records (Employee Documents)
  • Account Documents (Sales/Purchase/Cash & Bank Payment vouchers etc.)
  • Legal Documents (Agreements/Case files etc.)
  • Bound Documents & Books
  • Medical/Patient Records
  • Map & Drawings (etc.)

Scanning methods that we use

  • Using Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) scanner to scan your documents at standard dpi.
  • Scanning the books/bound books and very old documents through overhead scanner or flatbed scanner.
  • Scanning the books/bound books through ADF scanner by unbounding the books (cutting spine of book) and then re-binding them after digitization.

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